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The 10 Commandments of Gumbo

  • I – Thou Shalt Never Use Tomatoes. …
  • II – Thou Shalt Not Use Un-Cajun Sausage. …
  • III – Thou Shalt Not Use Store-Bought Roux. …
  • IV – Thou Shalt Always Use a Bowl. …
  • V – Thou Shalt Only Use a Wooden Spoon. …
  • VI – Thou Shalt Adhere to the ‘Gumbo-to-Rice’ Ratio. …
  • VII – Thou Shalt Always Keep Filé In Ya Cabinet.

We bring you Southern-inspired recipes that warm you from the inside out!

I am grateful for you, dear friends in Denver,

you’re a bounty of community we constantly enter 

The season may shine with cookies, lights, and fair,

but do not forget your heart full of care

Remember within, your love for your neighbor,

Be grateful each day, for farms and their labor

For birds in the tree, a neighborly smile, 

the biggest ripe apple, a berry picked wild 

To our favorite, local, and friendly community

I wish you peace this season, filled with love, joy, and unity!

Stolen from City Park Farmers Market

Authentic Cajun and Southern recipes prepared by deep south Southerners who are passionate about good food and life!
At Deja Roux Cajun & Soul Food Truck we use only the highest quality ingredients such as Camellia Red Beans and Crystal Hot Sauce.
You’ve just found what you’ve been missing, FLAVOR!
Try any of our items and you’ll be talking with a Southern Accent soon!